One night deposit taken for each booking. Fully refundable  7 day cancellation.


Be Kind to Your Neighbor

Because of the close proximity of your fellow campers and clampers, keep in mind that there is another person seeking the relaxation of the Park and its natural setting, please maintain a quiet campsite during sleep hours, mind your pet and always have them on a leash unless you are at the dog run, and meet your neighbors, and you will find they are good people like you.


Be Kind to your Environment

We live in an infinite world with infinite resources. We have a duty to Mother Earth and each other to save those precious resources for our children and our children’s children. Try not to run the water excessively and limit your showers to 5 minutes or less. Pick up around your campsite and dispose your waste in the trash cans and recycle cans. Restrict the campfire to the Park Fire Pit. Remember, the size of your footprint on the environment allows future campers to walk here tomorrow.


Be Kind to yourself and Relax

You are the reason you are here. You are here to clear you mind and relax. There are too many stresses awaiting us when we return to regular life, but for your time here, you deserve that break today. If you need to work, or need to google something, high speed Internet awaits you at the Mothership so you will not be so distracted by technology, that you forget why you are here. And that is to relax.